Online Event


1 February 2021 | From 9:15AM


You'll leave the day with a key understanding of:

  • Up to date estate planning and cutting edge asset protection strategies
  • Panel insights into industry issues including ATO audit practices, financial statement quality, outsourcing, skillsets, margins and the solutions
  • Systems and pricing that make more money including 2021 ChangeGPS product previews
  • The incredible difference the VPP method makes to EVERY client interaction you have


We've assembled industry leaders who are committed to helping you get what you want from your practice. 

David Boyar

CEO | ChangeGPS

Timothy Munro

Founder & Executive Director | ChangeGPS

Leo Iermano

Membership Manager | ChangeGPS

Grant Abbott

Founder & CEO | LightYear Docs

Bruce Coombes

CEO | QuickFee

Lielette Calleja

Director | All That Counts

Kirsten Norman

Principle & Founder | BizWhiz Business Solutions

Ron Lesh

Managing Director | BGL Corporate Solutions

Sharon McClafferty

CEO | Slipstream Coaching

Brian Walsh

ANZ GM | TOA Global

Carolyn Breeze

GM | GoCardless Australia & New Zealand

Jamie Beresford

Founder | Freshmethod


9:15 am

Welcome to 2021 – it's like 2020 but with more hope - Timothy Munro & David Boyar

9:30 am

Roundtable: 5 Urgent issues in the business of accounting - Timothy Munro, David Boyar, Sharon McClafferty, Jamie Beresford & Grant Abbott

 In this special session, we will discuss: 

  • Getting the price right
  • Keeping clients happy
  • Keeping your team on track and hitting their targets
  • Developing your team so they get better and love their jobs even more
  • Getting a great shareholder return and de risking you so you have less stress
  • The office layout of the next 5 years

10:30 am

SMSF Update - Ron Lesh

10:45 am

Asset Protection + Estate Planning Masterclass - Timothy Munro & Grant Abbott

In this very special 1 hour 45 minute masterclass, learn: 

  • Why you as the Accountant SHOULD take the lead in advising your clients about their Estate Planning and how to easily do this
  • How to price for this so you make a much higher margin than for any other accounting services
  • The 5 key steps for highly effective asset protection
  • Why ALL of your clients need a “Leading Member” solution to keep their family wealth in their family bloodline

See the NEW ChangeGPS “Letter of Advice” (25 pages!) that covers ALL the areas you need to provide instant advice to your clients about everything they need for their circumstances.

Be part of the official release of the NEW ChangeGPS “Asset Protection + Estate Planning” Resources module, which will include systems for:

  • “The Protector” – An amazing way to protect the equity in properties held in your clients' individual names
  • “Cash Vault” – A great new way to protect all working capital loans and inter-entity loans to ensure that each client’s family wealth is protected and they get paid first in the event of a business failure
  • “Successor Director Solution” – Enabling all clients with companies to have a successor director instantly appointed to their businesses so they can continue (a MUST HAVE for all clients with companies)
  • “Wills + EPOAs” – Using a Client Data Capture system to easily have these vital documents created for your clients – with NO RISK to you as an accountant
  • Asset Protection + Business Structure Advice

Plus: A Q&A Session with Timothy and Grant to ask all your questions in a live setting.

Plus: Market Update from Ron Lesh, CEO of BGL, including 4 SMSF trends you need to act on.

12:30 pm


1:00 pm

Accounting! With Dave and Tim

New products to help you do what matters

  • TWO NEW mindblowing apps released for ChangeGPS members – you don’t want to miss seeing this live!
  • NEW ChangeGPS releases for 2021
  • NEW ChangeGPS packages and pricing options
  • How to get a massive return from your ChangeGPS investment
  • Launch of ChangeGPS Bookkeeper with Liellete Calleja and Kirsten Norman
  • Launch of ChangeGPS Lite
  • Launch of ChangeGPS Core Marketing

EXTRA: Lielette Calleja and Kirsten Norman on how Bookkeepers use ChangeGPS

2:00 pm


2:15 pm

VPP (Value Plan Price) Masterclass - Timothy Munro & David Boyar

 In this special 1 hour masterclass, learn: 

  • The incredible difference the VPP method makes to EVERY client interaction you have
  • What to do so that 99% of your clients will ALWAYS accept your fee proposal
  • How to confidently set your prices
  • How to manage your Team so that SCOPE CREEP never happens
  • Why your clients need to be constantly EDUCATED by you about what you do for them

BONUS: Sharon McClafferty from Slipstream Coaching on beating the iconic margin 30% net profit


  • The ChangeGPS “Terms of Engagement” that you’ll be rushing to roll out to all of your clients (HINT: It will massively DE-RISK your accounting business compared to what you are using now)
  • 10 VPP client emails that you can use to price and engage your clients for different accounting services
  • Examples of how to manage your Team for profitability if you don’t use timesheets

Plus: A Q&A Session with Timothy and David to ask all your questions in a live setting.

Plus: Live from the USA QuickFee CEO Bruce Coombes on 3 easy cash flow wins for practices

3:15 pm

Roundtable: 5 Biggest issues in the accounting industry - Timothy Munro, David Boyar, Brian Walsh, Ron Lesh, Leo Iermano & Carolyn Breeze

  • New Clients. New Problems: Who is to blame for the quality of financial statements declining?
  • Is outsourcing reducing the skills of younger accountants in Australia?
  • The top 3 value pricing fails of 2020 and how to avoid them in 2021
  • What are the solutions?

Leo Iermano shares his biggest ATO scam war stories!

  • How to steal $1 million
  • Fake ATO negotiations
  • The billion dollar FBT hole